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International 2019 Results

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The first Honorary International Memory Champion, David Russell.

Thursday May 7, 2019: David Russell, of Winnipeg Canada, wins the first 2019 Honorary International Memory Championship. Congratulations!

Amazingly, David used a single digit Person Action Object system to achieve the highest score in this competition. He is also the current Manitoba Memory Champion and holds the Manitoba Speed Cards record (42 cards). He recently appeared in the Winnipeg TV news (   -at the 1hr 56 minute) and so does a great job promoting memory techniques.

Given that this is an Honorary Championship, the Board of the Canadian Memory Championships have reviewed the scores and the overall performance of all the contestants and decided to give the 2019 Honorary International Memory Championship Title to David Russell. Congratulations to all the participants and thanks to the volunteers who have assisted them.


Here are a few of the participants in the Honorary International Memory Championships


New! – Honorary International Memory Section in 2019!

This memory competition will take place May 4 to May 5, 2019. It will be completely self-regulated and comprise a single 15 minutes Numbers test.

All results returned to us before the deadline will be published. Since this competition is based on self-reporting, the competitor with the best score in the competition may not be the one who will be awarded the championship title for this competition.

The winner(s) of this competition will be selected by the Board of the Canadian Memory Championships and a number of criteria and even randomness or partial randomness may be used to select the winner(s). If a competitor organize a local competition and gets others to participate in the event, we could be more likely to select him or her over the contestant who reports the greatest score. Or a competitor with an established reputation in the memory community may be similarly favored over someone no one knows about and who reports a winning score. What we are looking for is to promote memory testing and memory competing and so if you have great photos of your event and if you involve more people, we are more likely to include you in the draw for the honorary title of Canada’s International Memory Champion, if we decide to draw randomly a name to select the winner.

This new and different International Memory Competition will allow people to participate in a memory competition with greater ease than in regular memory competitions. Please see the 2019-Honorary-International-Sections-Registration-Form for more details or visit the International Section tab. The registration is now open.



Take A Brain Test

The International Section of the Canadian Memory Championship is a new friendly memory competition that we plan on running yearly starting this May. Our first event is now being planned for the weekend of May 4 and 5, 2019.

This International Section is open to everyone. To register, please send  us your completed  2019-Honorary-International-Sections-Registration-Form  at . We will send you a confirmation email.

The International Section of the Canadian Memory Championships is a self-administered memory test. We provide the 2 sets of 3 pages of numbers that you will be attempting to memorize. We will be using this format: 2019 Official-Sample-Honorary-Championships-1 with each page containing 672 numbers. We provide two sets of these numbers or 6 pages so that you can take the test a second time if you wish and provide us with your best score.

You are responsible for setting up and running your memory test. You may ask for assistance from friends or family to download the 2 sets of 3 pages of number sheets and to time you. The time is 15 minutes for the memorization and 45 minutes for the recall.

We will also allow groups of 2 or more contestants to have their own arbiter(s) who may create, using a random numbers generator, your own 2 sets of 3 pages of numbers (to ensure that no one in the group as had a preview of the numbers before the competition) as long as the same format of 2 columns of 12 numbers on each page with 28 rows is respected.  If your own set of numbers is used in the competition, then the sets of numbers that  you used should be sent to us along with your results.

Scoring rules:

The way to score your test is by giving one point for each number that is correctly recalled. Any score on any line that amounts to less than 3 points must be completely eliminated (this is to avoid having competitors just filling lines with random numbers.)

All your scores should be received by the end of the last day of competing on Sunday May 5, 2019 for the contestants to be eligible to win the title of 2019 Honorary International Memory Champion of the Canadian Memory Championships. Thanks for participating.



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