The Canadian Memory Championships is dedicated to promoting Memory Sports here in Canada and around the world. Back in 2012, I started the Canadian Memory Championships  because I felt that Canada deserved to have its own Memory Champion.

We are independent from the World Memory Sport Council, which is the organization started by the founders of our Sport (Raymond Keene and the late Tony Buzan) in 1991. Still, we are indebted to them for starting the sport we now enjoy. 

Recently, the remaining founder of our Sport, Raymond Keene, issued memory athletes across the world a warning:

“As from 01/01/2020 and following the great success of the 28th World Memory Championship in Wuhan, I am now announcing that The World Memory Sports Council no longer accepts the participants from any competitions which falsely claim to be a World or global competition in the mind sport of Memory in misleading way or in conflict with the interests of and against the World Memory Sports Council. “

In light of this, participants to the Canadian Memory Championships may be no longer be accepted. Since it isn’t particularly evident whom they are warning, we have decided to use a different approach to our memory disciplines so as not to act as like a copy cat organization.

However, we promptly realized that the Memory Disciplines can be made better and more spectacular with a few key changes. We want to make our activity appear more like a sport and less like a school class. We want more spectators.

Every year since the CMCs started,  we’ve seen an ever increasing number of competitors and media attention. We certainly believe to be on the right path to continue this trend.

If you are interested in the development of the Canadian Memory Championships, then I invite you to join the Board for this event. Please contact me for more details.

Simon Luisi



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